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  4 Axis CNC Router / Foam Cutter Driver Boxes

4 Stepper Driver Board

4 Axis CNC Router or CNC Foam Cutter 
Driver Boxes.
Include: 4 drivers, 2HP VFD (for router)
All cables, liquid pump, 2HP Spindle
Software: Mach3, KCAM, DeskCNC

Power: 110V main power
Drivers: 7A driver up to 1/64 step
2HP spindle with 1/4" collate + VFD
4 Stepper Motors - 4A Bipolar
All cables, tubing and liquid pump
Price: $2,500


Liquid cooled spindles
Speed: 500 to 24,000RPM
Price includes the VFD with digital display
All cables and flow meter

Power Voltage Colette Price
1HP 110V 1/4" $750
2HP 220V 1/4" $1300
3HP 220V 1/2" $1800

2A per Axis - Bipolar
1/2, 1/4 and 1/8th steps
Board tested and assembled
D25 Cable
5V power supply
Price: $199

24V Power supply: $65
4 NEMA23 Motors: $120
  Stepper Motors, Linear Bearing and Shafts

Stepper Motors
Bipolar Stepper Motors
NEMA23 1/4" shaft
Price: $32.00

Linear Bearing
16mm - $19.00
16mm shaft - $15/f

20mm - $25.00
20mm Shaft - $21/f


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